Unlimited number of pages and page levels

You can create as many pages as you want and organize them in a tree structure with as many levels as you need. Different languages are presented as separated tree clones – thus allowing you to have different organization of pages for particular language.

Sitemap page is built automatically from the tree structure.

Depending on the template you use, on every single page you have the following automatically built navigation blocks:
  • “Main pages” – contains the first level pages (e.g. ‘Products’, ‘Services’);
  • “Always on top” – the purpose of these links (usually ‘about us’, ‘contact us’, etc.) is to have them visible and easily accessible on every single page;
  • “Bread crumbs” – shows the position of the current page in the structure of pages i.e. “How I got here”;
  • “Where I can go” – shows links to the other pages on the same level of the page structure if any, and to the sub-links of the current page if any.

Navigation links for every single page are created automatically according to page position in the tree.

For every page a content manager can create keywords, and textual identifier which will take part of the URL, thus making the URL easy readable and remembered by visitors, and search engine friendly.