Enforces corporate identity, separates content and presentation

BlueBoard SiteBuilder is built with ideas of enforcing corporate identity, and separation of presentation from content in mind.

What corporate identity and separation of content and presentation means?

Corporate identity is a set of pre-defined styles and rules about how a document should look like. Document can be an offer, brochure, contract, web page, etc. A document should contain pure content - text, images, etc., and the names of the styles different pieces of content have assigned to them.

Styles should have meaningful names (e.g. "title", "subtitle", "date", etc.), and should be used properly. The styles definition describes how particular style should look like – e.g. "date" – 11px height, black color and italic - i.e. it is the definition of presentation.

Why this is so important?
  • Extremely eases the process of content management - it is not necessary to explain to the content managers how a date or title should look like, instead they just have to pick a style named "date" or "title" respectively;
  • All the pages of your web site will have consistent look regardless of who created them;
  • In case you want to change the way your web site looks – it is necessary to change the definition of styles only without touching your content. The change will apply automatically to all pages.