File Server

This is the most common type of server in small and mid sized businesses. File Server is the main information depository of the office / department / enterprise / organization. It enables all files to be stored in a central location and providing fast networked access to them based on security implementation (individuals can be assigned different access rights).

A File Server should provide:
  • fast access to its storage space;
  • data protection from hardware failure and unauthorized access;
  • large storage space, easy extensible on demand;
  • per user access control;
  • compatibility with all most used desktop OS (Windows 9x,2000,XP; Linux; MAC OS).

BlueBoard File Server meets all these requirements by implementing top notch software and technologies.
This is a short description of BlueBoard File Server key features and technical specifications:

  • It integrates easy with any version of Windows, MAC and Linux OS used as desktops.
  • One account (username/password) for accessing network resources from any PC workstation
  • Roaming profiles – no matter what PC you use in your office network, all your personal setting (like My Documents and email settings) will follow you
  • Restrict access to sensitive data on a file server by implementing different access rights policy
  • The files on the network file server are protected from hard drive failures implementing RAID technology. In the same time keeping files on centralized location allows creating backups on a regular basis.
  • Extra security implementing encrypted file system (optional)
  • Providing remote access to files on the server through secure crypted VPN connection (optional)

Technical Specifications
File Server with a Technically Proven Base
  • Operating System: SuSE Linux;
  • Windows PDC;
  • DHCP;
  • RAID;
  • LVM (Logical Volume Manager);
  • LDAP;

  • Low cost – you pay only for the setup. No software licence fee required!
  • Performance - Our experience has shown that Linux will perform better as a file server than Windows NT or Windows 2000, even with Linux on older, slower hardware.
  • Reliability - BlueBoard servers based on Linux OS stay up for months and years at a time. When was the last time you had to reboot your Windows server? Last week, or worse yet, yesterday? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a server that just works?

  • Including 30 days of installation support
  • Per subscription maintenance plans