Office IT Solutions

To make office work easy and smooth we support both servers and workstations.

Office Servers
BlueBoard Office Server is actually the SuSE Linux distribution, but carefully tuned, and configured to fit small-to-mid sized offices. It offers a number of pre-configured services and a single point of administration.

We provide and support several typical configurations for BlueBoard Office Server. The different configuration fit the different business tasks. The servers functionalities can be implemented in one machine, as well as to be distributed among two or more machines for providing extra security, redundancy and performance.

File Server
This is the most common type of server. File Server is the main information repository of the office / department / enterprise / organization.

Internet Gateway
Your secure gateway to the Internet. Delivers all connectivity services you need for your office - firewall, e-mail, http proxy, corporate instant messenger. Perfect integration with BlueBoard File Server, designed to "serve and protect".

Currently we support the most popular desktop operating systems - Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux.