BlueBoard Remote Support

BlueBoard's clients are provided with easy solution for having remote helpdesk support. This solution doesn't need any preinstalled remote control software. Just download the application from the link below and start it to request remote controlling. At the end of the remote control session with simple drag to trash the application deinstalls itself and leaves the computer without additional software. Since the connection is initiated by the server, easy access through customers firewall is possible.
BlueBoard Remote Support tool BlueBoard-VNC.exe


BlueBoard CA (Certificate Authority)

If you want to use BlueBoard Corporate Email service or access a website that uses a SSL certificate signed by BlueBoard CA (Certificate Authority), you might get an SSL warning. We are sorry, but currently that's 'normal' as mainstream browsers don't� include the BlueBoard CA Root Certificate. You can download from the link below and manually import the CAcert Root Certificate in your webbrowser and other client software so that you don't get these warnings anymore.
BlueBoard CA Trusted Root Security Certificate - cacert.crt